Ready to use prioritized Business Process Re-engineering requirements, to:

Make sure the Business Process Transformation group works with (internal) clients to design effective technology solutions that support and enhance critical business processes and manage the implementation of those solutions. .


    • Have the requirements for the QMS been integrated into the business processes and have management promoted awareness of the process approach and risk based thinking?
    • Does your organization have a formal business process for management of declining products and product abandonment?
    • Does your organization have a group (or center of excellence) responsible for Business Process Management and, if so, where is it located within your organization?
    • To what extent are the EA governance processes integrated to the organizations business management processes, like the investment process or strategy refinement process?
    • What change management strategy does your organization have to foster acceptance of the need to improve the performance of key business practices?
    • Do you have a configuration management process in place to ensure that changes to your critical systems are for valid business reasons and have received proper authorization?
    • Is the risk management process that you have in place informing your business decisions day to day?
    • To what extent is your organizations EHS, social responsibility, or SD issues management process or processes integrated into your organizations overall business issues management process?
    • Where should your organization enhance its risk management processes to have maximum benefit and impact on its ability to achieve business objectives?
    • What business processes are in scope for process modeling, re engineering, and gap analysis and best practices?

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