Ready to use prioritized Business Process Reengineering requirements, to:

Make headway so that your operation teams to develop support plans for business implementation of new solutions, manage communication strategy to business teams and leaders as relates to the products the team supports, ensure timely resolution of issues, and identify opportunities for improvement in both business process and continuous improvement of systems from a user experience perspective. .


    • How does the integration process of business intelligence and knowledge management systems occur to support the information integration system and decision making processes of your organization?
    • Do you have a configuration management process in place to ensure that changes to your critical systems are for valid business reasons and have received proper authorization?
    • Does your organization have a group responsible for Business Process Management and, if so, where is it located within your organization?
    • How do you focus your process management initiatives on high impact business processes and set the right priorities?
    • Where should your organization enhance its risk management processes to have maximum benefit and impact on its ability to achieve business objectives?
    • Do you have a structured process for linking your enterprises vision and business model to your strategic planning of your supplier network design and management activities?
    • Does the business and IT management have an ongoing work prioritization process in place that takes into account immediate business imperatives?
    • How are delegation, incentives and performance measurement within management control systems set up to support business process change?
    • Does management obtain feedback from business process owners and users regarding the quality and usefulness of its it plans for use in the ongoing risk assessment process?
    • Has a risk analysis or business impact analysis been done and has management endorsed the priorities and criticality which that process has defined?

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