Ready to use prioritized Business Processes requirements, to:

Ensure your group identifies, creates and facilitates technical and process design changes by conducting business and systems analysis and design at a complex level; focusing on quality improvement; system availability, security, data reliability; re-engineering processes and recommending elimination; integrating new systems and processes and partnering with business to ensure solutions provided meet long-term business strategies. .


    • Does the process address organization processes and workflow and attempt to use value added capabilities by leveraging the use of applications and technologies through business process reengineering?
    • Do you have time to assess all requirements and business processes to ensure that effective process are being mapped into the new automated solution?
    • Which methods seeks to effect positive change in processes and organizations by using a set of practical tools to address business issues and process problems?
    • What process does your organization use to ensure that recordkeeping requirements are identified during the business process analysis and met in new IT systems design?
    • What business process changes and organization structure changes have been made to date to ensure efficient and effective administrative services using PeopleSoft?
    • How do you focus your process management initiatives on high impact business processes and set the right priorities?
    • Does your organization have a group responsible for Business Process Management and, if so, where is it located within your organization (Choose one)?
    • Do you have a configuration management process in place to ensure that changes to your critical systems are for valid business reasons and have received proper authorization?
    • Does your organization have a clear understanding of the business processes, applications and systems that process and/ or store personal information?
    • Does the business and IT management have an ongoing work prioritization process in place that takes into account immediate business imperatives?

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