Ready to use prioritized Business Value of IT requirements, to:

Make sure the Main Responsibilities Formulate, prioritize, organize and monitor inter-connected AI/ML projects to solve high-value business problems Proactively identifies meaningful insights using data discovery, exploratory data analysis, and agile AI/ML model development to identify optimal solutions Coordinates cross-project activities to operationalize the insights and solutions Partners with the business to change business processes and maximize the value of AI/ML solutions Works on solutions in a hybrid cloud environment and leverages those environments for competitive advantage Examples of the AI/ML solutions are capacity planning, anomaly detection, predictive asset failure/maintenance, workload optimization, (internal) customer segmentation, chat analytics, (internal) customer journey analytics, business performance etc. .


    • How does your organization meet the challenge of ensuring IT rapidly deliver business value and meet the requirements of users, without compromising quality?
    • How does your organization determine the business value of its activities?
    • How will your organization transform its business model to create shared value focused on personalized outcomes and fueled by unlocking the power of data?
    • Is the strategic business case complete and robust – does it meet the needs of the business, is it affordable and achievable, will it deliver value for money?
    • Is the portfolio management review focused on understanding your organization of supply and demand for it services and directing investments to make sure that the business value of it is realized?
    • What measure will it use as a scale of customer service and what value on that scale means that the business has achieved being a center of customer service?
    • How does big data solve the challenges of fragmented operations and improve the business value of IT services?
    • How much value does time based strategy add to the different parts of the business and how much of that value is due in part to IT?
    • When determining the business value of a project, which terms represents the money or value your organization receives back as a measure against its investment?
    • How do you determine the full, fair value of your organization unless an experienced, trained business valuation specialist values it?

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