Ready to use prioritized Chief Financial Officer requirements, to:

Make sure the VP of Finance is accountable for providing leadership and coordination of your organizations financial planning and budget management functions, assessing and evaluating financial performance of your organization with regards to its long-term operational goals, budgets and forecasts, and ensuring company accounting procedures and reporting conform to generally accepted accounting principles. .


    • Does your organization have a Risk Management Plan linked to its Strategic and Business Plans?
    • How often does your Finance organization update its strategy to reflect changes in business goals?
    • Does your organization maintain a valuation model of the business, and does it plan key business initiatives based on the effect on shareholder value?
    • Does your organization have a formal budgeting process and budget that is reviewed at least annually by senior management and the governing board if applicable?
    • Does your organization have a process to identify all significant business risks?
    • Does your organization have a succession plan in place for senior management and other key employees?
    • Does your organization have a Strategic Plan and is it supported by a Risk Management Plan?
    • How extensively does your organization outsource key business functions?
    • Does your organization have individuals who will perform relevant Senior Management Functions?
    • How many shareholders does your organization have and what is the change from last year?

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