Ready to use prioritized Cloud Adoption Framework requirements, to:

Secure that your workforce directs and controls the business development activities; ensuring Cloud Adoption Services are effectively positioned in (internal) customer solutions and program delivery. .


    • Best transform to flexible connectivity and data models to underpin digital services that drive customer and employee experience innovation and support partner ecosystems.
    • Use cloud first and Software as a Service (SaaS) adoption models to reduce employee frustration and the security risks of multiple usernames and passwords for each employee.
    • Measure that the key legal protections and business benefits of Cloud solutions are being met.
    • See your value proposition grow and which affordable mechanisms do you need and do you use to make this happen.
    • Deal with Data Security regulations and adopting a hybrid deployment strategy.
    • Make Cloud work in your business and organizational context.
    • Make sure the solution meets the User Experience so the solution will be adopted.
    • Adopt efficient cloud resource management algorithms.
    • Design infrastructure and applications in the public cloud that will overcome local and regional outages.
    • De-risk your migration to maintain stringent application SLAs and business continuity.

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