Ready to use prioritized Cloud Adoption requirements, to:

Lead the development of the relationship of the CSM team as the trusted advisor relationship with (internal) customer stakeholders and executive sponsors to drive product adoption and ensure they are leveraging the solution to achieve full business value. .


    • What are the primary business drivers behind cloud adoption at your organization?
    • Does the cloud service provider have information security measures as part of infrastructure offering?
    • What policies and processes does your organization have that constrain cloud service decisions?
    • Does your organization have a written strategic plan for the adoption of cloud computing?
    • What impact will adoption of Cloud have on end users of your organization?
    • Does the cloud service provider have a local in country data center to cover geographical issues?
    • Does the cloud service provider have a minimum lock in period to host your applications and data?
    • How does cloud adoption complicate the insider threat, and what is your organization doing about it?
    • Does your organization have a cloud security strategy with which your auditors are happy?
    • Do you have a cloud adoption strategy that includes all aspects of cloud transformation from implementation to security to decommissioning?

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