Ready to use prioritized Cloud Center of Excellence Framework requirements, to:

Lead so that your workforce is collaborating with your Cloud Center Of Excellence and Corporate Security team to ensure and maintain compliance of all the Digitization and Advanced Analytics owned cloud resources. .


    • Does your top management team have a clear understanding of what it means to design your systems for failure?
    • How do you address data privacy for information provided to your organization as part of the cloud excellence implementer program?
    • How do you empower your business users to be value creators in the data supply chain?
    • What is your organizations preferred chargeback system that will utilize metering data for that chargeback activity?
    • Where are the cloud servers that will store organization data physically located?
    • Who within your organization will be reviewing your organizations qualifications and overseeing the management of your implementation projects?
    • Does your organization have the ability to enrich data in a consistent manner?
    • What are the risks for information security and data sovereignty?
    • How does your organization use new capabilities to boost its competitive advantage, launch new business models, or increase customer engagement?
    • How will using AWS improve your ability to respond to business changes?

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