Ready to use prioritized Cloud Center of Excellence requirements, to:

Secure that your strategy is collaborating with Cloud Center Of Excellence and Corporate Security team to ensure and maintain compliance of all the Digitization and Advanced Analytics owned cloud resources. .


    • Address data privacy for information provided to your organization as part of the cloud excellence implementer program.
    • Empower your business users to be value creators in the data supply chain.
    • Identify sources of external data that will complement the data that you own already.
    • Meet the need for business agility whilst ensuring security and compliance.
    • Create the data or the environments today to test use cases.
    • Support the development of Big Data systems.
    • Ensure your technology infrastructure is scalable and can support the required business agility.
    • Integrate your enterprise and cloud applications to your cloud data warehouse.
    • Accelerate the migration effort to realize the business and technology benefits more quickly.
    • Engage with existing online communities in support of your core business functions.

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