Ready to use prioritized Cloud ERP requirements, to:

Be confident that your team is including change management efforts and support organizational wide change initiatives, such as successful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations, development of (internal) customer experience roadmaps and executions for engagement, development and support of Data Platforms and Business Intelligence (BI). .


    • Does your organization have a strategy to move business functions/ applications to a cloud based service?
    • Does your organization have an overall cloud computing strategy; do you have consensus on the use of cloud services?
    • How will moving to multi cloud services affect compliance requirements your organization has?
    • Will initial cloud investments increase the risk of getting locked into a technology stack that does not support business goals for growth and innovation?
    • If you have global operations, is the cloud vendor able to provide 24×7 access and help desk support globally?
    • How will concerns around data governance, availability and security impact the adoption of cloud services?
    • If you have security issues anyway, is an on premises system more secure than a cloud solution?
    • What impact will cloud economics have on the IT budget?
    • Do your vendors have a proven record of providing cloud software services reliably, with the minimum levels of downtime?
    • How will your organization pay, both in hard costs and resources, for cloud applications?

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