Ready to use prioritized Cloud-First Strategy requirements, to:

Make sure the Chief Data Officer (CDO) partners with the CIO and leaders across the organization to provide the vision, strategic direction, and overall leadership in the development of an integrated best-in class, robust, automated, centralized, governed, and reliable, cloud first, enterprise data platform and use it to deliver transformative, advanced analytics solutions and products. .


    • How does your organization decide where to put data on a hybrid cloud and how to use it?
    • How does cloud become a core it service and deliver business results?
    • How will cloud based systems drive the business model?
    • Will the cloud provider use the data for any purpose other than the delivery of the service?
    • Does your organization have a back up cloud provider keeping in sync with primary vendor?
    • Does a cloud first strategy move business and security functions to integrate?
    • Does your organization have a written strategic plan for the adoption of cloud computing?
    • What types of cloud service model do you plan to use in your organization in the future?
    • Is your data center ready to adopt a hybrId cloud strategy?
    • Where are the cloud providers service centres, and what level of vetting have the staff undergone?

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