Ready to use prioritized Cloud Governance requirements, to:

Develop business processes and risk management approaches in areas such as cyber security, cloud security, cloud governance and compliance, DevOps, cloud data protection, cloud monitoring and incident response, enterprise security architecture, technology risk management, and others. .


    • Do you have governance and compliance processes in place for the use of cloud services?
    • How does the cloud service provider ensure that access to your data / content is restricted?
    • How will the cloud service provider place a hold on data or content that is subject to a legal hold order as part of eDiscovery or other formal investigation?
    • How do data governance and control factor into your organizations cloud decision making process?
    • How does your organization ensure effective governance and compliance whilst managing the risks of cloud computing?
    • Is there sufficient transparency into how the cloud provider operates its services – including service management practices, hiring policies, supply chain, data center facilities?
    • What is the minimum level of data security that you would accept from a cloud service provider?
    • How can organizations provide efficient and secure access to all applications and data on premises and in the cloud while ensuring compliance and security?
    • Can the cloud provider utilize any data stored on systems for any purpose outside organization use?
    • Can the cloud provider support long term archiving, will the data be available several years later?

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