Ready to use prioritized Cloud Migration requirements, to:

Warrant that your organization is involved in implementing effective and successful Cloud based Data Migration and Data Integration strategies across systems using industry standard IPaaS Tools.


    • Verify that the virtualization platform or cloud management software running on the systems you use, which you did not install and do not control, does not contain malware.
    • Implement data protection in a way that is going to make the biggest impact in the most cost efficient way.
    • Design, architect, and implement security and resiliency when developing cloud architectures, migrating workloads, or building cloud native business solutions.
    • Migrate your monolithic apps to the cloud and enable them to leverage the power the cloud has to offer.
    • Support the needs of legacy, business critical applications, and provide flexible infrastructure to support new virtual machine based applications or a migration to SaaS.
    • Maintain the security of your sensitive enterprise data on the cloud.
    • Make sure that the migration plan fits with your standards of project management and your benchmarks of quality.
    • Use analytics to make your current enterprise business intelligence and reporting more relevant.
    • Ensure optimum level of controls are designed and implemented when developing cloud architectures, migrating apps to the cloud, or building cloud native business solutions.
    • Extend your existing security and data controls to the cloud.

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