Ready to use prioritized Cloud Modernization requirements, to:

Check that your personnel is evaluating Data and Analytics enterprise architecture for feasibility, risk and technology modernization and help conceptualize, design, migrate and implement solutions using cloud based and on-prem technologies. .


    • How do you determine when to modernize your systems from legacy database software to data platforms built from the ground up to support digital, mobile, and cloud applications that run everywhere?
    • What types of cloud environments does your organization currently have in place?
    • How do you move the data in legacy systems to the cloud environment without interrupting business operations?
    • How do you move forward with modernizing your organizations data enterprise and use of cloud to enable requirements based AI applications?
    • Where are the cloud servers that will store organization data physically located?
    • Do you have to move your data to cloud to modernize?
    • Do you need to migrate legacy data sources to cloud and integrate to BI system?
    • How do you modernize your data center to get cloud like agility for workload remaining on premises?
    • How is it a cloud if you still have it in your own data center?
    • Which aws cloud services will you use for applications and storage?

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