Ready to use prioritized Cloud Security Compliance requirements, to:

Verify that your group is involved in monitoring and managing Cloud security operations, including identity and access control, secure configuration management, network security, enforcement policy scripting, workload security, data security, and logging, or public key infrastructure (PKI) management and data encryption for data-at-rest and data-in-transit. .


    • Is the cloud provider solvent and reputable, and does it have a credible performance record, especially regarding security and privacy compliance issues?
    • Are there any specific security and compliance requirements (eg encryption, isolation, data sovereignty) and what does that mean for cloud deployment?
    • How does your IoT technology provider enhance security and compliance in its cloud infrastructure while minimizing provisioning errors?
    • Will the cloud service provider allow the CSA and FBI to conduct compliance and security audits?
    • What security and compliance certifications does the cloud provider hold?
    • If the service provider is not able to meet your compliance requirements do you segregate the data and applications which can not be hosted in the cloud versus those you have to separate services?
    • What is your perception of the current ability to monitor across the various cloud service providers your organization uses to ensure compliance with its security posture and processes?
    • Do you need a centralized data set in the cloud to meet compliance and security agreements and reduced IT and infrastructure costs?
    • Which security and compliance criteria does your organization consider most important for cloud SLAs?
    • Where do cloud and other service providers security and compliance responsibilities end, and the customers begin?

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