Ready to use prioritized Cloud Security requirements, to:

Develop business processes and risk management approaches in areas such as cyber security, cloud security, cloud governance and compliance, DevOps, cloud data protection, cloud monitoring and incident response, enterprise security architecture, technology risk management, and others. .


    • What cloud services does your organization use and how is your organization sure providers maintain high security standards and robust controls?
    • Many cloud providers are expanding big data support with machine learning and other platform as a service options that rely on access to enterprise data. Do you have a full understanding of potential data exposure, compliance, and privacy implications, if the machine learning runs as PaaS inside the providers infrastructure, where provider employees could technically access it, does that create a compliance exposure?
    • Does your potential cloud security service provider offer other security services beyond DDoS, or does it only mitigate DDoS attacks?
    • Does the cloud service provider have necessary security controls on their human resources?
    • What specific security tools does your organization want to use for cloud security monitoring and maintenance?
    • How do your data owners merge cloud security data with your organizations own security metrics and policies?
    • How does your organization address cloud security concerns using corporate policies and procedures?
    • How frequently will a cloud service provider and its cloud services be assessed under your organizations cloud security guidance?
    • Does the service meet industry standard cloud security principles as the Cloud Security Alliance, NIST or UK Government Cloud Security Principles and SOC 2?
    • Does your organization have a documented cloud security plan or methodology?

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