Ready to use prioritized Cloud Strategy requirements, to:

Facilitate organizational change by helping define strategy with respect to technology standards, industry models and design goals; evaluate business requirements in the early stages of projects to determine what software, integration technologies, system architectures and patterns should be employed to meet business objectives efficiently; participate in the development of roadmaps, which include product selection, implementations, data migrations, upgrades, and ongoing maintenance. .


    • How does your organization decide where to put data on a hybrid cloud and how to use it?
    • How would you assess the level of skills and experience of the employees in your organization in charge of cloud strategy and management, development, applications and infrastructure?
    • Where will your business become a cloud computing service provider to others?
    • Does your organization have a cloud strategy and is it already being evaluated or implemented?
    • Will your organization have a multi cloud strategy or policy, now or in the future?
    • How does the cloud service provider ensure that access to your data / content is restricted?
    • Which types of partner does your organization engage with in relation to hybrid cloud strategy or execution?
    • Does your organization have a cloud strategy or roadmap for rolling out cloud services?
    • Does your organization have a documented & communicated cloud strategy with associated tactics?
    • Where are the cloud servers that will store organization data physically located?

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