Ready to use prioritized Cost Optimization requirements, to:

Drive strategic projects for (internal) customer Support and partner support leadership in key deliverables such as partner analysis, data analysis, business process (re)engineering, partner governance process including data analytics and management processes and change management to organization new practices or improve existing practices. .


    • Where does your organization perform activities that others could do more cost effectively?
    • What impact do supplier relationships have on your organizations cost management approaches?
    • What processes or tools does your organization have in place for financial management?
    • What percentage, on average, does your organization have in shared services for areas?
    • What concrete plan does your organization have to continue diversity education and training?
    • How many current employees will your organization still have on staff in several years time?
    • What other cost optimization methods should your organization implement to further reduce costs without impacting the reliability of the application?
    • What specific cost management tools do other organizations use to support strategic cost management?
    • How does your organization regard the use of cloud solutions for critical applications?
    • How does a risk impact your organizations ability to achieve its strategy and business objectives?

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