Ready to use prioritized Customer Experience Design requirements, to:

Ensure your Strategy and Operations team helps your (internal) clients develop and implement business strategies, design effective business and operating models, cut costs and improve efficiency, improve (internal) customer experience and satisfaction, and improve operations, without compromising company business objectives, culture, or (internal) customer satisfaction. .


    • How have your current digital marketing / customer experience management investments changed the way you interact and engage with customers?
    • Who has access to and/or can change that data at various stages of its lifecycle?
    • Does your organization understand what data it has and how it is used?
    • How will a oversight and management board be structured, who will seat the board and what powers and responsibilities will the board have to the project?
    • Do customers have access to the same data as employees across key channels?
    • Who is rewarded for using customer data in business decisions?
    • Can your business easily monitor data quality and understand the monetary impact of poor data?
    • Has your organization used tablet based work order management software to manage work orders in the field?
    • What has your organization done to improve customer experience through digital transformation?
    • What has your data has been used for in the past, and how might it be used in the future?

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