Ready to use prioritized Cyber Operations requirements, to:

Interface so that your strategy is involved in network security environment (Security Operations Center, Security Incident Response Team, or Cyber Security Incident Response) investigating targeted intrusions through complex network segments or Certify your company is involved in operational technology engineering and security concepts. .


    • If you have a large scale cyber attack that leads to infrastructure damage and you are is called in to assist, what organization department will take the lead?
    • What critical information does the cyber criminal already have on your organizations operations?
    • Instead of each Service developing redundant capabilities at great expense, would it make more sense to have a consolidated cyber corps as its own Service?
    • What implications do vendor relationships have for command and control arrangements, accountability and defining rules of engagement in cyber operations?
    • Does Cyber Command have the resources and the expertise to at least produce operational requirements?
    • Do you have adequate all source and multi intelligence fusion and analysis capabilities for cyber to support the cyber mission teams you are building?
    • Does your organization exercise and prepare its cyber/ network defense capabilities enough to address the risk posed by a cyber attack?
    • What are offensive cyber operations and why do they matter?
    • What level of impact must an incoming cyber attack have to justify active threat neutralization?
    • Will the shift of employees from other programs to Cyber Operations cause a revenue lost for those programs?

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