Ready to use prioritized Cyber Resilience requirements, to:

Manage and deliver complex engagements and projects that involving strategy, implementation, support, security control assessments, risk management methodologies, software/hardware optimization related to cyber security, IT operations, business processes, business resiliency and data integrity for State and Local organization (internal) clients. .


    • Enable business users to interact and understand the existing dashboards that they already have spent capital on.
    • Ensure the transfer and management of data is handled in a responsible way to avoid data breaches or data losses.
    • Know that your supply chain has the same standard of cyber hygiene and resilience as your own entity.
    • Mitigate the risks associated with sharing data and systems with other organizations.
    • Future proof the risk management function through innovation.
    • Protect your own data and the data of your customers.
    • Ensure those processes will continue operating even in face of a successful cyber attack.
    • Educate employees and raise the overall level of awareness of cybersecurity and information assurance issues.
    • Ensure cyber resilience and data security.
    • Write better system specs to address security concerns.

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