Ready to use prioritized Cyber Security Awareness Training requirements, to:

Partner with business stakeholders across your organization to raise awareness of risk management concerns, and ensure clear and timely advice is provided to executive management on key information security and assurance issues. .


    • Does your organization have control privilege management for information systems and applications?
    • Do you have an engaging and effective information security awareness program in place across your organization designed to influence and drive new cyber resilient behaviours?
    • What information and data assets do you have that need protecting?
    • Does your organization have a risk management policy?
    • Does your organization have coordinated and measurable information security and cybersecurity awareness programs?
    • Do you have a process that ensures cyber risk is integrated with business risk?
    • Are you and your employees adequately trained on what to be aware of, how to prevent a cyber incident from occurring, and recognizing when a data breach has occurred?
    • Which initiatives has your organization introduced in connection with GDPR awareness and cyber and information security?
    • Who has access to that data and under what circumstances?
    • Does your organization have information security policies?

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