Ready to use prioritized Cyber Security requirements, to:

Check that your process provides technical expertise and support to (internal) clients, IT management and staff in cybersecurity threat risk assessments, development, testing and the implementation and operation of appropriate information security plans, procedures, and control techniques designed to prevent, minimize or quickly recover from cyber-attacks or other serious events. .


    • Does the vendor have designated cybersecurity personnel, as a Chief Information Security Officer, and does the vendor require its staff to undergo cybersecurity and data privacy training?
    • Do you have cybersecurity policy document to ensure the security of your organizations cyber system?
    • How does your organization view the security of public cloud environments to host and deliver its business applications and data assets?
    • Which departments have high risk data that the cyber threat actors would be interested in and what is the current posture in terms of security measures?
    • Where cloud services are already being used, does your organization have processes for checking performance against agreed security practices?
    • Does your organization use cloud based security services to help ensure data security and privacy?
    • How does your organization maximize data security when various employees store and access data on the cloud server?
    • Do you have an engaging and effective information security awareness program in place across your organization designed to influence and drive new cyber resilient behaviours?
    • Does your organization have the capacity and capability to analyse security data made available by the cloud provider?
    • Can your cloud defenses provide continuous security assessment policy checks, so organization cloud data storage always requires access credentials or MFA?

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