Ready to use prioritized Cyber Threat Intelligence requirements, to:

Provide support to the Security Operations Center during incident response and threat hunting activities that includes cyber threat analysis support, research, recommending relevant remediation and mitigation. .


    • Ensure balance between human soft skills and AI data management capability to achieve the best threat intelligence approach for your organization.
    • Supplement the level of intelligence and expertise your team has access to.
    • Evaluate evolving cyber threats and vulnerabilities in your risk assessment process for the technologies you use and the products and services you offer.
    • Know if you have invested effectively, your data is safe, have done enough or whether you are really managing your risk.
    • Protect your data and organization from cyber threats and system failures.
    • Use real time data analytics 24×7 to identify and categorize truly critical attack activity from low and slow persistent events to more overt attacks.
    • Evaluate and report on the overall maturity of a cyber risk management program.
    • Take advantage of threat intelligence information when responding to a security incident.
    • Tell if the actions you plan to take will contain the impact of a potential cyber threat.
    • Rate your organizations overall implementation of security controls and policies to help protect against potential threats in areas.

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