Ready to use prioritized Cybersecurity Awareness requirements, to:

Conduct and/pr support cybersecurity risk assessments and action plans, including OT/SCADA environment and IT/OT convergence areas, focusing on information security requirements for the business, and providing valuable reports and progress status to feed business awareness on OT security activities. .


    • Does your organization have coordinated and measurable information security and cybersecurity awareness programs?
    • Does your organization have a Security Awareness and Training Program that allows for individuals to understand the roles within cybersecurity and learn more about emerging threats?
    • Do you have an engaging and effective information security awareness program in place across your organization designed to influence and drive new cyber resilient behaviours?
    • Has your organization updated its information security awareness and training programs for employees to cover the possibility of cyber attacks involving extortion?
    • Does your organization provide basic cybersecurity and/or IT security awareness training to all users (including managers and senior executives)?
    • Should cybersecurity awareness and cyber safe practices be reserved only for organization workers?
    • Does your organization have a cybersecurity employee education and awareness program?
    • Is a documented cybersecurity awareness program in place with security practices reinforced each calendar quarter for high and medium impact systems?
    • Does your organization implement an appropriate level of information security training and/or awareness campaigns for employees prior to granting them access to information systems and facilities?
    • Are there requirements by your organization/local organization to ensure employees receive annual cybersecurity awareness training commensurate with employees responsibilities?

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