Ready to use prioritized Cybersecurity Incident Response requirements, to:

Participate and coordinate Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) with evidence gathering processing, cybersecurity incident investigation, attack malware remediation, forensic analysis, threat mitigation, vulnerability detection, and data leakage prevention. .


    • Objectively measure the level of security and business risk involved in a cybersecurity incident.
    • Evaluate evolving cyber threats and vulnerabilities in your risk assessment process for the technologies you use and the products and services you offer.
    • Test that your incident management processes work correctly.
    • Take advantage of threat intelligence information when responding to a security incident.
    • Quantify loss of an incident that has not occurred.
    • Identify what organization you should use to help you recover from a cybersecurity incident.
    • Know your containment system will really work.
    • Use your incident response planning for more than data breaches.
    • Adapt your crisis management capabilities to different types of cyber incidents.
    • Determine whether a cyber incident will pose a reputation risk to your organization.

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