Ready to use prioritized Data Analytics requirements, to:

Make sure the objective of these learning opportunities is to expose program participants to a variety of approaches in solving complex business problems, as well as to give an exposure to data analytics and reporting, networking design, application development integration and implementation, SMART factory, modern workplace, digital marketing and e-commerce and cyber security. .


    • What types of data analytics does your organization use to measure the impact of the digital product experience?
    • Does your organization have access to data analytics to inform and drive business decisions?
    • Does your organization use information technology and data analytics to help continuously monitor internal control systems?
    • How do you use Big Data analytics to make better informed decisions that increase your business impact and improve savings performance?
    • How, if at all, does your organization use data analytics in its corporate compliance and ethics program?
    • Do members throughout your organization promote the use of data analytics to support decision making?
    • What benefits has your organization seen from its use of data and data analytics in helping to inform/drive its go to market strategy?
    • How does your teams use of data analytics affect the nature, timing, and extent of your organizations audit testing?
    • What challenges has your organization experienced in connection with your use of a data analytics team?
    • How do you deliver the clean and structured data that AI and machine learning solutions must have to solve challenging data analytics use cases?

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