Ready to use prioritized Data Center requirements, to:

Make sure your organization is creating and maintaining an enterprise technology architecture that is aligned with business objectives, server and desktop support, network systems design and maintenance, help desk management and support, data center, DR planning, security monitoring and control, telecommunications, and data processing operations. .


    • What connectivity does the public cloud provider have back to the data center or primary operations location?
    • Does your organization currently have a software defined data center or network virtualization platform?
    • What impact will cloud and utility models have on data center outsourcing and hosting?
    • Which technology will have the greatest impact in terms of reducing your organizations data center power and cooling requirements?
    • Which data center management automation issues are the main roadblocks preventing your organization form realizing optimal cloud ROI?
    • Which security technologies and techniques are you actively using in your organizations data center or cloud deployments?
    • What types of attacks have actually resulted in the compromise of a server, system or workload inside your data center or cloud based deployments?
    • Does the data center have a business continuity plan in case back up recovery is not possible or fails?
    • How does your organization reduce its overall application portfolio base, and thereby reduce future data center and infrastructure costs?
    • How does a software based network affect the security of data center and wide area networks?

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