Ready to use prioritized Data Compliance Regulations requirements, to:

Oversee that your strategy works closely with leadership to ensure alignment between security and data privacy compliance programs including policies, practices and investigations, and acts as a liaison to the information systems and compliance departments. .


    • Know where the data is coming from and whether it has met the quality threshold and security compliance requirements.
    • Prove where your data resides if you do not have a complete view of the hardware and applications in use across your network.
    • Get value from your risk and compliance data and inform business decisions from solutions already in the marketplace.
    • Leverage your investments in risk management, internal control, and data management and analysis.
    • Know if personal data has been accessed by unauthorised personnel.
    • Implement and enforce policy based data management to ensure compliance and governance.
    • Justify the expenditure on cloud and data security, what are the potential costs and ensure IT spend is balanced with the potential business risk.
    • Maintain service levels and ensure security and compliance for data that may wind up on public or hybrid clouds.
    • Convince the executive team to invest (and to continue investing) in data governance & stewardship as an essential business function.
    • Encourage your staff to work closely with IT in onboarding cloud services sustaining the enterprises security, data privacy and compliance objectives.

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