Ready to use prioritized Data Governance Automation requirements, to:

Ensure you provide your (internal) clients with a comprehensive suite of consulting and advisory services that include internal audit outsourcing and co-sourcing, enterprise-wide risk assessments, risk management regulatory compliance (including Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)), advisory and quality assurance, IT audit, cyber security, data governance and data analytics, RPA (robotic process automation and privacy).


    • Reconcile Enterprise Architecture work, information management and data governance.
    • Tie all the different business and manufacturing processes together to provide a couple of data points that immediately help make decisions.
    • Deploy data governance and management controls when using cloud to produce, consume, and harness enterprise data.
    • Measure success in using internal data analytics to drive business outcomes.
    • Ensure data governance and security at each stage of the data management including ingestion, storage, preparation and ongoing analysis.
    • Achieve a unique, value based customer experience centered on your organization relevant single view of customer data and/or product data across the enterprise.
    • Analyze data in motion when it has not landed in a database yet.
    • Leverage your investments in risk management, internal controls and data management and analysis.
    • Use data to help build trust in the services and policy your organization delivers.
    • Correlate business value with source data integrity.

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