Ready to use prioritized Data Governance requirements, to:

Engage data owners and stewards, business users, and the data management team to ensure Data Governance and Quality processes are implemented and managed, including updating and maintaining documentation, identifying and documenting critical data elements, preparing and managing business and technical metadata, defining data quality thresholds, and the identifying and triaging data integrity issues. .


    • Reconcile enterprise architecture work, information management and data governance.
    • Ensure data governance and security at each stage of the data management including ingestion, storage, preparation and ongoing analysis.
    • Use data to help build trust in the services and policy your organization delivers.
    • Correlate business value with source data integrity.
    • Confirm that data has been sourced according to best practices.
    • Get management to understand the importance of data governance.
    • Balance data security and privacy considerations with the need for open access to data.
    • Measure the success of a data management program.
    • Ensure that you maintain momentum in meeting your data management goals.
    • Accelerate availability of up to date master data in your business network.

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