Ready to use prioritized Data Integrity Management requirements, to:

Certify your team tasks include monitoring and proactive maintenance of on-premises systems and cloud-based services that support line of business applications; ensuring integrity and recoverability of data and systems; monitoring local and cloud-based storage capacity and performance; upgrading and patching software to mitigate performance and security issues; resolving hardware and software issues affecting laptops and workstations; reacting to security incidents; and other tasks that enable continued business operations. .


    • Know who has deposited what data and who is re-using them or who has the right to access data which are restricted in some way.
    • The ever-increasing amount of data, along with the emphasis on continuous availability, necessitates changes in the approach to data integrity, which results in management and protection becoming much more closely aligned.
    • Correlate business value with source data integrity.
    • Prove data provenance in a cloud computing scenario when you are using shared resources.
    • Ensure that data remains private, once it has been collected.
    • Maintain the integrity and security of your clients business information and data.
    • Keep the integrity and privacy of communication intact while ensuring security of the network and the data that is being exchanged.
    • Improve your quality culture so that personnel are empowered to identify and correct any data integrity issues they encounter.
    • Correlate business value with source data quality.
    • Make sure that actions will not lead to chaos or breach your data integrity, reliability and GDPR compliance.

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