Ready to use prioritized Data Loss Prevention requirements, to:

Ensure your design provides technical expertise and support to (internal) clients, IT management and staff in cybersecurity threat risk assessments, development, testing and the implementation and operation of appropriate information security plans, procedures, and control techniques designed to prevent, minimize or quickly recover from cyber-attacks or other serious events. .


    • Prevent sensitive data from leaving your network when employees have access to email.
    • Protect business data in your own data center or in the cloud with no downtime, outages or data loss.
    • Gather more useful and insightful risk information (incidents, losses, spending, etc.) to provide a sufficient data foundation for risk and incentive modeling.
    • Get users and business units involved in the data clean up process.
    • Protect your business and your clients against insurmountable data loss.
    • React quickly to determine if you have been hacked, had an insider leak out information, or other data loss.
    • Ensure data loss prevention on devices where you do not have visibility.
    • Prevent data loss from causing business disruption.
    • Know if staff has downloaded programs they are not supposed to.
    • Reconstruct the chain of custody for the data and how it was protected in the time frame, if the auditor wants that.

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