Ready to use prioritized Data Migration requirements, to:

Ensure your group owns multiple active delivery of multiple technology implementations at any given time, performing project management, process and technology design, change management guidance, business requirements documentation, test plans, data migration strategy, and training. .


    • What adjustments will you need to make to data architecture and formats to allow access in new cloud environments in view, and do you have a data migration strategy?
    • Is your organization able to perform data cleansing of legacy data prior to data migration into a new system?
    • Does your organization have resources (DBA, etc) who understand your current database structure and who can extract data into a pre defined file and format?
    • How will you ensure you have a tried and tested migration process and that data dropouts are at a manageable level?
    • Does your organization have standards or protocols in place to monitor and assess the quality of data migration into the system of record?
    • Does the cloud solution have a cost effective data migration process that preserves content structure and integrity and ensures uninterrupted access to critical data?
    • Does the data migration plan include a description of how the legacy data quality will be evaluated?
    • How will you know if the migration has successfully moved the data from the source to the target environment?
    • Does the data migration plan include a description of the test criteria that will be used for verification?
    • Does the data migration plan include a description of how the data migration procedures will be developed and verified?

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