Ready to use prioritized Data Privacy Risk Assessment requirements, to:

Assure your group is responsible for the adherence to the required privacy and information security compliance program activities including data classification, privacy impact assessments, product and service risk assessments, vendor due diligence, data management and protection, and meeting compliance program operational needs. .


    • Do you have policies and procedures for information security, data privacy, business continuity management and incidence response and escalation?
    • Who will develop and manage your organizations information governance plan, information system security plan and data resilience or backup plan?
    • Does the use of hardware security modules for encryption and key management reduce the time spent on demonstrating compliance with privacy and data protection requirements?
    • Does your organization have a data protection or security policy that you follow?
    • Does the vendor have designated cybersecurity personnel, as a Chief Information Security Officer, and does the vendor require its staff to undergo cybersecurity and data privacy training?
    • Do you have the appropriate leadership, structure, capabilities, resources, collaboration, and support to manage data privacy risks in the context of your business model and goals?
    • Do you have a policy on deleting personal data as soon as the purpose for which it was obtained has been completed?
    • Does your organization have a vendor data risk management program?
    • Does your organization have or will soon have specialized staff regarding data privacy and and/or cybersecurity issues to complement existing expertise?
    • How do you protect software users privacy while using the feedback and data for testing & debugging, which may also involve information, risk, policy management issues?

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