Ready to use prioritized Data Privacy and Security requirements, to:

Work with cross-functional business teams, including Legal, Engineering, People Team (HR), Finance, and Security to address potential compliance issues and achieve data privacy program initiatives and provide as-needed support to leaders and stakeholders across your organization. .


    • Address data privacy for information provided to your organization as part of the cloud excellence implementer program.
    • Encourage your staff to work closely with IT in onboarding cloud services sustaining the enterprises security, data privacy and compliance objectives.
    • Balance questions of data privacy and security with the need to track results.
    • Ensure that your internal stakeholders and innovation decision makers, and employees more generally, are aware of internal data and external data products that they can leverage.
    • Achieve compliance with all data privacy regulations and ensure the ethical use of data.
    • Better protect your data beyond the enterprise wide data privacy & security program.
    • Verify the cybersecurity and data privacy programs of your organizations partners/suppliers/third party service providers.
    • Monitor changes in data privacy and security laws.
    • Reduce the privacy risks related to re using the data for other purposes.
    • Support regional and vertical specific requirements for Security and Data privacy.

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