Ready to use prioritized Data Security requirements, to:

Develop and coordinate an organization-wide privacy risk management and compliance framework and governance structure by undertaking a comprehensive review of your organizations data and privacy process and procedures for each applicable business function to ensure that they are consistent with relevant laws and regulations and your organizations privacy and data security goals and policies. .


    • How would you rate the level of awareness employees in your organization have about data security compliance and policies?
    • How does your organization maximize data security when various employees store and access data on the cloud server?
    • How does privacy and data security legislation affect the use of information in public policy activities?
    • Does your organization have a policy for how to manage data security when it pertains to personally owned devices?
    • Do you have any concerns regarding data security and information privacy that should be incorporated in the application development?
    • What security measurement practices and data does your organization use to assist product planning?
    • Do you have access to cloud based technology infrastructure, applications, analytics, data security and integration capabilities to support the development and maintenance of a marketplace?
    • Has data security and information technology risk in general been added to your organization risk register?
    • How does your organization identify and address vulnerabilities and threats as well as prevent data security breaches?
    • How does your organization identify and address data security risks across its product lines?

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