Ready to use prioritized Decentralized Autonomous Organization requirements, to:

Make sure there is involvement managing all elements of the product development lifecycle (product requirement documentation; business requirements, persona development, user journeys, feature descriptions, information architecture, application workflows, software development, etc. .


    • Make data available for use by AI, without losing control of the data (data escapes).
    • Trust a third party about the quality and authenticity of data they provide.
    • Make the role of quality manager for service and security emerge.
    • Adapt your organization and share out the roles between Business and IT.
    • Strengthen the role of the architects to evaluate the quality and integrate Cloud services into the Enterprise Model.
    • Ensure the protection of the data that is elsewhere.
    • Incentivize putting data in the commons.
    • Know that a bad actor does not have possession of a private key.
    • Integrate with those that already have governance structures.
    • Make sure that digital information is distributed and not copied.

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