Ready to use prioritized DevOps IoT requirements, to:

Be close to each team architecture and code to provide adequate cross system solutions to drive your business goals. .


    • How are IoT applications deployed to the multi cloud using the DevOps approach in your organization?
    • Where does DevOps introduce more security threats, or does it have a more risk reducing impact?
    • What managed services does your IoT vendor offer?
    • How does DevOps influence Information System development performance in your organization?
    • Does your service provider have a strong vision for services across the IoT value chain?
    • How much security and data privacy does your system require?
    • How do your testing tools evolve to meet the QA needs for applications built on AI and IoT technologies?
    • Do you frequently check your detailed billing, does your app need all the allocated CPUs and RAM, or will it run on less?
    • How does your test data management fit in with DevOps?
    • To what extent have your developers embraced continuous delivery practices and the DevOps culture to increase the effectiveness of the software development and release process?

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