Ready to use prioritized DevOps Maturity Model requirements, to:

Establish that your strategy advises the management team on risk issues that are related to information security and recommends actions in support of the wider risk management programs. .


    • Know has the data asset been used, and if so where and what business outcomes did it lead to.
    • Use data from the different integrations to have a smarter system for dealing with your operational processes.
    • Know the older versions of code not longer support user requests, or provide change management reports for compliance.
    • Provide management with a better insight into data transfer use.
    • Apply data science and machine learning across the software engineering lifecycle, cloud software engineering lifecycle, and DevOps Software Engineering pipeline.
    • Determine your IT performance groups, using a data driven approach.
    • Ensure your implementation will have the greatest chance for success.
    • Extend the agility realized in development through to the formal QA, information security and operations teams.
    • Create the data or the environments today to test use cases.
    • Ensure that an Agile DevOps practice follows information security best practices.

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