Ready to use prioritized DevOps Principles requirements, to:

Establish that your organization delivers DevOps pipelines that apply automation to the software development process and improve the efficiency, security, stability, and quality of applications being delivered by project and product teams. .


    • How does your organization know whether they have achieved DevOps?
    • What are the characteristics your organization must have in order to support the use of DevOps to drive business value?
    • How does DevOps influence the performance of development and operations of your organizations Information Systems?
    • What controls or clearance levels does your organization have for the personnel that have DevOps access to cloud environments or physical access to data centers?
    • What DevOps service do you use to help create user stories, track project work using dashboards, and plan sprints and releases?
    • What group or team in your organization is responsible for DevOps support, supporting Agile IT processes whereby IT operations and developers work together?
    • In what stage(s) of your Software Development lifecycle (SDLC) do you have DevOps security and/or compliance checks?
    • How many builds will your organization have waiting and delayed by an AppSec vendor that can not support your DevOps process?
    • How has your development organizations adoption of formal DevOps principles and practices impacted the software development teams workload in tangible or measurable ways?
    • How do you get the ROI you are looking for to achieve the automation necessary to deliver high quality software at the speed of agile and DevOps initiatives?

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