Ready to use prioritized DevSecOps requirements, to:

Ensure your team needs a person to support enhancements to systems security architecture, manage multiple system security plans for development, test and production systems at multiple classification levels following the Risk Management Framework (RMF) and DevSecOps process.


    • Transform a poorly performing team that has minimal focus on security to a high performing team with a good focus on security.
    • Better involve business function system owners in security planning.
    • Know if application and network security is sufficient to protect against data breaches.
    • Effectively structure your organization to develop and deliver secure applications and manage application security risk.
    • Achieve information security buy in within your unique organization culture.
    • Intend to address data security needs and requirements.
    • Ensure that an Agile DevOps practice follows information security best practices.
    • Incorporate feedback from customers or users into your service or product development efforts.
    • Prevent that shifting security is going to slow development and ultimately cost your organization more.
    • Integrate development and operations processes that prioritize ongoing security awareness throughout an applications lifecycle.

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