Ready to use prioritized Digital Leadership Framework requirements, to:

Safeguard that your organization drives the execution of product development in collaboration with Product Team members comprised of Product Design Technology and Data Science. .


    • How will use the particular strengths within the team you have to help lead the change?
    • When a digital service team is working with your organization, who has management responsibility over that team?
    • How has your leadership and management team changed?
    • What initiatives do you have in place to help business leadership better understand technology?
    • Does the transformation leader have a strong network of business and technology innovators?
    • Do you have the ability to make data based decisions in real time?
    • How do you think power leadership factors in management have influenced adoption decisions?
    • What new skills should IT leadership have to be effective in your organizations digital or new business initiatives?
    • How has management helped to facilitate the process?
    • How effective has your organization been in using digital technologies to advance goals?

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