Ready to use prioritized Digital Transformation requirements, to:

Be sure your operation is driving program delivery of your roadmap by working with Digital Product Owners and Program Management to prioritize, monitor, and deliver work to support your business initiatives and enterprise digital transformation initiatives. .


    • With digital transformation top of mind, do you have the technology in place to support your business goals?
    • Does your organization have a culture that takes a long-term perspective on change and encourages ongoing transformation and development of technology to enable process change?
    • In this constantly changing environment how does your organization ensure a great employee experience that helps to accelerate digital transformation and deliver better business results?
    • How will the challenges to executing on digital transformation impact your organizations revenue negatively if some are not addressed quickly?
    • Does your organization have a security budget for protecting data assets during the digital transformation process?
    • Do you have a technology investment road map in support of digital transformation to enable business strategy?
    • Has your organization articulated specific digital transformation goals as specifying what proportion of the business will be digital within a certain time frame?
    • What factors drive digital transformation within your industry, and on which key opportunity areas does your organization need to focus?
    • Which technologies does your organization rank as having the most potential to have the most revolutionary impact on your organizations digital transformation efforts in the future?
    • Does your organization have a department with its main role around digital transformation and/or Innovation?

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