Ready to use prioritized Disaster Recovery Plan requirements, to:

Partner with the Enterprise Risk Management to define standards and processes and provide subject-matter expertise to oversee vendor information security risk and inform periodic audits of third-party service providers information security and business continuity controls. .


    • Does the information lifecycle management plan make optimum use of the most cost effective storage systems that meet your data protection needs?
    • Does your organization have an information security implementation strategy as per the risk analysis results that its implementation is undertaken as part of your organizations work plan?
    • Does your vendor have an established process for applying the principles of information lifecycle management to data protection?
    • Is your data management system flexible, scalable and secure enough to protect and manage the ever growing quantities of customer and business data?
    • Does your organization have a strategy for the use of information security technologies that are implemented and updated according to the needs and changes in the risk profile?
    • Does your organization have a documented and officially employed information security risk management program?
    • What information or data does organization have that would help in recovery planning?
    • Will it be expected that the data points collected by the data management system could/will change over time and need to be added to the system?
    • Who will have access to the data and options to manage the privileges for different users on the same data?
    • Do the forecasts and financial statements show whether the business can afford to use internal sources of finance to fund the reopening or will you have to seek external funding?

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