Ready to use prioritized Endpoint Management requirements, to:

Develop experience assessing Cyber Threat Fusion Center controls, techniques and tools; cryptographic controls and solutions; logging and monitoring; anti-virus; network security; data loss protection; endpoint protection; offensive security research team controls; third party information security risk controls; vulnerability; configuration; patch and access management controls. .


    • What type of endpoint security tools did your organization have in place previous to next generation endpoint security product deployment?
    • How is endpoint security and encryption handled for the user or system access of data or resources?
    • How vulnerable does your organization believe your endpoint devices are to potential security threats?
    • Does your organizations approach to endpoint security include the tagging, securing and management of data that is accessed by the device, and resides on a public cloud?
    • Is your endpoint security strategy strong enough to keep threat actors from exposing data on one of devices if found?
    • Do you use the same endpoint security solution to protect physical, virtual on premises, and cloud based machines?
    • Is your organization doing or planning to do any type of similar integration between an endpoint forensics solution and other types of security analytics systems?
    • Can the cloud security platform you are evaluating provide pervasive visibility from the network to the endpoint for investigations that are free from blind spots?
    • How is the data extracted from the endpoint and stored for later use in metrics analysis within your security program?
    • Does your threat intelligence platform integrate data from the platform into an endpoint security system?

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