Ready to use prioritized Enterprise Architecture Principles requirements, to:

Be sure your team supports the design and development Operational Technology (OT) solutions to business problems in alignment with the enterprise architecture direction and standards, and in collaboration with CI/OT Architects. .


    • Reconcile Enterprise Architecture work, information management and data governance.
    • Make use of technology to smoothly merge legacy core systems with new delivery models, business partner interfaces, and satellite systems.
    • Determine whether the business and IT systems are aligned if you do not have a clear understanding of each.
    • Position information governance, data management, BI, quality, Enterprise Architecture, risk and data science.
    • Structure your architecture and implement new technology to integrate changes into business processes in a quick and cost effective manner.
    • Align business processes with analysis and requirements for technology projects.
    • Demonstrate your Information Management proficiency.
    • Combine operational data and Enterprise Architecture to better support decision making.
    • Bring more clarity and stability to your business plans to help IT make the right moves.
    • Define a suitable method for measuring and quantifying, in financial terms, the value of Enterprise Architecture based business transformation.

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