Ready to use prioritized Enterprise Resource Planning Systems requirements, to:

Work with cross-functional teams in the implementation of moderate to large scale business system enhancements coordinating evaluation testing and change management processes end-to-end while using solid project management skills documenting requirements, establishing scope and objectives and determining strategy for implementing systems that achieve business goals. .


    • How does the implementation of ERP systems have an impact your organizations ability to provide an adequate system of internal control?
    • Does your organization have a preference for the Financials/HRIS system to be installed on servers in your organizations own data center, or provided as a Cloud based application?
    • Do all solutions have real time integration with your ERP systems data and business rules or are there intermediate tables that must be populated in the automation solution?
    • What features and functions do you need from a new ERP solution that will help increase users productivity and provide access to the business data users most need?
    • What actions is your organization currently taking or planning to take to improve the use of data and analytics to support business decision making?
    • How well does the solution translate the thousands of data points you will be collecting into meaningful data that you can use for business decisions?
    • Which other systems will have to integrate or interface with the ERP system, and will your organization provide incumbent vendors for each system?
    • How do you connect your organization with an enterprise wide Enterprise Resource Planning system with a supplier that manages business on a spreadsheet?
    • What guidance will be provided to ensure that departments have developed an overall, high level system architecture that clearly defines specific development projects that provide interim functionality?
    • Does your organization have change management or continuous improvement resources that will be available to support the implementation of this project and long term on going support?

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