Ready to use prioritized Governance Risk and Compliance Officer requirements, to:

Assure your strategy works in close collaboration with Cyber risk leadership team to develop Cyber security target state architecture and solution vision, ensure architecture alignment of Enterprise strategies to Cyber risk management capabilities, and design and implement Cyber risk solution implementation governance process that ensures architecture alignment through design, implementation and operational phases of the solution. .


    • Have you assessed the impact that the regulatory change will have on your business including governance, compliance and risk management frameworks?
    • Do your cloud providers implement governance risk management and compliance GRC well?
    • How does compliance with a particular external governance requirement impact organizational risk and value delivery?
    • Does your organization have a formal contract risk compliance program?
    • How does your organization currently oversee compliance against risk and hedging policies?
    • What is your business groups/departments use of risk and compliance management software applications?
    • Do you have the compliance controls in place to enable managing data to reduce risk and increase value?
    • Which companies are the main competitors in the GRC governance risk and compliance software industry and what are respective strengths and weaknesses?
    • How does your organization ensure effective governance and compliance whilst managing the risks of cloud computing?
    • How will the increased needs for risk management and compliance be addressed?

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