Ready to use prioritized Human-Centered Design requirements, to:

Develop experience using UX metrics and a user centered design process to provide insights to product engineering groups. .


    • How does the use service design methods build institutional reflexivity?
    • Do you have an interest in human centered design and digital technologies?
    • What would it look like if human centered design methods were applied further upstream to the creation of actual policies?
    • How do you use the Human Centered Design Process to invent something for someone else?
    • How might you use design to creatively engage people in conversations?
    • What design features would your organization like to bring into your product roadmap?
    • What criteria does relationship design add to the human centered design requirements of desirability, feasibility, and viability?
    • Which human centered design methods will translate to policy design?
    • How might you design services and experiences that create well being for people within organizations?
    • What do you see as the next steps in the use of human centered design in health care more broadly?

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